Kaleidoscope Soap Tutorial


The original kaleidoscope soaps were created and named by Belinda Williams of Love Your Suds for the Pull-Through Soap Challenge in May 2019.  Her award winning soap not only garnered grand prize, but Best Technique as well. Later that year Love Your Suds launched the Soap Shaper Shop where soapmakers can purchase pull-through tools to create the kaleidoscope effect, scraper-style Soap Shapers, soap stamps, extruder discs, molds, and more. All tools are made in Canada and ship worldwide. I used her tools for the tutorial with excellent results!

Optionally, you can recycle your soap scraps and cover them with beautiful kaleidoscope skins!

You will be expected to have experience with cold-process soapmaking as well as complete understanding of the correct handling and usage of lye/sodium hydroxide before proceeding.

Included in downloadable tutorial: 3-part video showing how both sets of soaps in the photos were made, written instructions with helpful tips and tricks – including a recipe for pliable soap to shape over spheres with ingredients you can purchase from Walmart.

Skills You Will Practice: Controlling trace, forming soap skins over spheres

Special Tools Needed: List of tools