Upcoming Challenges

Tutorials can be purchased here after the soap challenges are finished so that you can work through them on your own. If you would like to participate in the challenges as they happen, please join the Soap Challenge Club! Each month several hundred soapmakers from all over the world get access to a different tutorial, create their own soaps to fit the guidelines of the challenge, and submit a photo of their work to be voted upon by the members of the Club. Sponsors provide prizes for the winners, and I provide recognition awards as well. We have a private Facebook community that is only available to members of the Club for support and encouragement. You’ll find the majority of our members participate to expand their skills and learn new techniques. The competition pushes you to create your best work, while deadlines keep you focused and on task. You are never obligated to enter, but we always love to see what everyone has created!

Registration is only open for one week each month. Check out the upcoming challenges to see what’s next! As we finish each challenge, the tutorial will be available for purchase in this shop.