Sculpted Layers Tutorial


Open up all the possibilities of designing with sculpting tools!  This technique works really well for landscape designs that go all the way through the bar.  Guest teacher Roxanne Moore of Caprica Soapery shares all her tips and tricks, including her calculator tool and recipe.

You will be expected to have experience with cold-process soapmaking as well as complete understanding of the correct handling and usage of lye/sodium hydroxide before proceeding.

Included in downloadable tutorial: 2-part video tutorial showing how the soap in the photo was made.  Also Roxanne’s tool for calculating oil and lye solution needed for each layer, written instructions, helpful tips and tricks, and inspiration for your own project.

Skills You Will Practice: Planning designs, creating layered soap, manipulating soap batter thickness

Special Tools Needed: Sculpting tools – instructions for making your own are included, as well as places to purchase.