Coloring Soap with Botanicals Tutorial


Guest teacher Kandra Churchwell of Soapy Friends shares how to effectively use plant-based colorants in cold process soap!  Using natural colorants does not mean you have to create dull, earth toned soaps in varying shades of brown.  Find out how you can create an entire rainbow of color in this introductory tutorial!  Plant-based colors tend to fade over time in soap because they are made from nature, but Kandra has unlocked the secret to prolonging the color for several years.  (This tutorial will give you everything you need to get started.  If you require indepth details about each colorant and technique, see Kandra’s full master class.  She receives a portion of the sales from this tutorial.)

You will be expected to have experience with cold-process soapmaking as well as complete understanding of the correct handling and usage of lye/sodium hydroxide before proceeding.

Included in downloadable tutorial: 4-part video tutorial showing how create oil infusions, water slurries, which colorants work best for each, and how to incorporate them into your soap.  Also written instructions, helpful tips and tricks for creating brilliant color from plants, and inspiration for your own project.

Skills You Will Practice: Creating infusions and slurries from plant based colors and incorporating them into your soap

Special Tools Needed: (Optional) Glass jars for infusions, double boiler or crockpot